British Pie Week

As British Pie Week comes to an end we look at how pies have developed into the golden pastry enrobed delights we know and love today!

The ancient Greeks were first to wrap morsels of meat in pastry shells and the Romans are thought to have invented a pie that has pastry on the bottom and top. Some would state that this is their true definition of a pie, but as we know, many different variations including a mash potato top all feature in this tasty category.

Field and Forest Beef’less Mince and Pearl Onion Pie

When we developed our range of centre plate Vegan pies, we wanted them to be a substantial eat. Great as an alternative to a Sunday Roast or a Pie Night plant-based alternative to more traditional pies. Our Beef’less mince and Pearly Onion Pie has a great savoury sauce giving that satisfying Umami flavour. It’s perfect served with roast potatoes and seasonal veg, topped off with gravy. All our pies are pre-glazed so they can be placed straight into the oven.

Field and Forest Mangalore Pie

We wanted a little variety and offer some spicy flavours, our Vegan Mangalore Pie certainly hits the spot. It is packed with Cauliflower, Chickpeas, Lentil and spinach and we’ve balanced the spices in the sauce to give a satisfying kick of chilli and garam masala spices.

Creamy Vegan Mushroom Pie

Last but not least our Creamy Mushroom Pie has our signature plant-based mince with chunks of mushroom in a creamy white wine and herb sauce. We would serve this with a rich mashed potato and peas for a fantastic main menu dish. All our pies are delivered frozen so chefs can select exactly what they want to use without any wastage.

We hope in the next couple of months to review this category and add some more delicious pies, the big question is what flavours? Watch this space!

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