Vegan Sausages


Our range of Vegan Sausages

We would call our sausage a great ‘All-Rounder’ because it can be served for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or a ‘Food to Go’ option.

We knew we had to create something equally at home in a sausage butty as it is in a slow cooked casserole.

Our standard Sausage recipes has a traditional seasoning, is suitable for frying, baking and keep moist in a warming tray for great tasting results every time. We have perfected the skin to give a ‘bite’ and it’s completely free from animal products and they are naturally Soya and gluten-free.

Our Product Range

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We’re passionate about great vegan food and foodservice. 

Our products are a perfect fit for cafes, schools, and restaurants.

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