National Sausage Roll Day

The rise of the humble handheld snack

Picture of Three Vegan Sausages rolls

2018 seems a long time ago and out of very humble beginnings, the Field and Forest Foods Vegan Sausage Roll was created. We still taste test it every now and again when we’re baking a batch for a customer and transported back to a time when we had loads of samples of vegan sausage rolls in front of us. We knew what we were looking for with that unmistakable taste profile and golden pastry.

We have always wanted to put the product first; great tasting food is what we’ve always been about. We started taking our samples around Foodservice in the middle of 2018, we were met with some resistance. More so because some thought Vegan was a ‘thing’ and wouldn’t last very long.

Interestingly with some high-profile product releases into retail (Think Greggs or should I say thanks Greggs) having a massive sway on the way we saw Vegan food, we soon started seeing interest in our products.

We are completely Soya Free using mushroom as our base ingredient. They are packed with Vitamins and happen to have a great texture to them as well.

Sausage Rolls have their history reaching back to ancient Greece but became noticeable to the product we know and love today in France. It was in the early 1800’s that the famous handheld snack became popular in London and it’s fair to say we’ve never looked back.

Although traditionally stuffed with meat, the rise of Vegetarian and Vegan versions shows little sign of slowing down. So, let’s celebrate our humble Vegan Sausage Roll, the hand held snack with a little less impact on the planet!

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